• Elizabeth Reign

Getting Closer

Wow, it's been a few months, productive months for the most part, but I've accomplished a lot as the publishing date for my second book in this series fast approaches.

Warriors of Apasas will be published in June 2022. I am sending it off to my editor in a few weeks and the rest will be a whirlwind of fine tuning and making the finishing touches for those who are waiting to read more about Myrine and Kynna. I can't wait to let you read what has been happening in their lives as they face decisions that force them to search deep within themselves and find who they really are.

Warriors of Apasas will be available in Kindle Unlimited as well as the first book and also in e book and paperback. Keep checking back for more updates and news of the actual date of release. I am working on a pre order date so look for that too.

I love to hear from readers so feel free to contact me here or on Facebook or Twitter. I enjoy reading the reviews on Amazon, and if you have any questions or comments,I am available and love to communicate.

More to come...


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