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Kynna, a young priestess from Krete, finds herself fleeing the only home she’s known and trying to survive in a foreign land. When she is rescued by a young warrior she must learn to trust again and open her heart or keep traveling.


Myrine, a young warrior of the Amazzi army in the city of Apasas, has one thing on her mind, being chosen for the elite Leopard unit. When she rescues Kynna and her grandmother, she struggles with feelings she’s afraid to admit. A warrior is armed and trained to face fear in battle, but love only wields one weapon, trust.



Two women, coming of age as love grows and joins their lives like twisting vines. Ancient rituals and heart choices bring them together and tear them apart in their changing world. Both must make a decision; choose the greater good or risk everything for love.  

Three summers ago, Myrine arrived on Patmos as a Leopard trainee. After initiated into the elite unit of Amazzi warriors, she becomes a Leopard Captain committed to training new recruits. Returning to Apasas wasn't on her agenda but after being ordered home Myrine is determined to complete the mission and return to Patmos. From the moment Myrine steps from the boat she's faced with undeniable changes. Committed to her assignment, she avoids her feelings, but when she sees Kynna again, buried passion erupts, testing her vow to protect her people and herself.


Content with her found family, Kynna awaits the birth of her child. But as the intrusion of the Mycenes intensifies and threatens the safety of the Amazzi, Kynna sends word to Myrine begging her to come home. Kynna accepts that Myrine has ignored her, but when Myrine finally comes home she is distant, angry and not alone. Kynna tries to accept that friendship is all she can expect, focusing on her studies as a priestess of the Goddess Rhea. When the city erupts and the Mycenes bolster their control over Apasas, Kynna makes a decision that will change everyone's future.

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