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The Amazzi Warriors and Queens Saga

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1672 BC in the ancient city of Apasas. The harbor buzzes with merchants and traders coming and going from all directions over the Aegean Sea. The Amazzi have ruled this city for more than a thousand years but political storms are forming over the ancient sea. The seafarers of Krete, the mighty Minoan nation are changing. Rumblings from within are erupting in the form of Mycenaeans who slowly infiltrate city by city. 


Kynna of Thera never thought her home would change, but her life was thrown upside down and at thirteen she is forced from her mother’s arms and boards a ship with her grandmother, Anais, fleeing Thera for Limnos. 

When things seem as if they couldn’t get any worse, they are rescued by Myrine, a warrior of the Amazzi people who rule the city of Apasas. 

To Kynna it seems like an ending. To Myrine it’s only the beginning. Together their bond of friendship steers their lives like twisting vines. Choices bring them together and tear them apart to face their changing world and choose what is the greater good without losing all they hold dear. 

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