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"Write What Should not be Forgotten" Isabel Allende

Spring is here, April is here and still I 'm editing. This story has grown since its beginning three years ago (currently it's 105,000 words, yikes!). I hope to send it to my editor at the end of this month and still hoping for a June release, but it may be in July. There will definitely be a launch with a coming newsletter along with some giveaways so watch for that here and on my social media. I am exclusively on Amazon for now but looking towards all avenues for selling in the near future. So, keep checking, more to come here.

I'm and indie author working a full time nine to five job, so I mainly get to write evenings and weekends. But I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. This is all I ever dreamed of doing. I am so happy that I have readers who have enjoyed the first book and are looking forward to the next one. It's been so encouraging, and I appreciate all the reviews, yes even the 1 star reviews. My writing can only improve and that is a promise I made to myself and those who choose to read my books. Writing is a journey, not an arrival or departure.

I'm excited to put Warriors of Apasas out into the world of words. Kynna and Myrine have evolved and must face decisions they never thought they'd have to make. They've been apart for three years and come back together in a tumultuous time in Apasas.

This story is categorized in the Historical Fantasy genre as well as Greek and Roman Myth. The only real historical basis of it is that it occurs in the Middle Bronze Age. The rest is pure fantasy except for references to the imagined cultural aspect of the time period. The women warriors that are called Amazons today have always been regarded as mythical, man hating women who killed their male babies and cut off their breasts. I refused to believe it and the more I dove into the research and history, the more I was convinced that was not who they were. I 'm not a historian and don't ever pretend to be. I just love the world of fantasy and believe it can be applied to more than elves and dwarfs, which I love by the way. Apasas, the goddesses, the matriarchal system and egalitarian society have fascinated me for years and my characters grew from my research of these ideas.

The Women of Apasas and Warriors of Apasas were originally one book. I realized that Myrine and Kynna's emotions were too full and rich with emotion for one book. I'm excited to say that there will be five books in the Amazzi Warriors and Queens series coming in the next few years and I'm excited to write them all.

So keep checking here and on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I am active daily on those pages and would love to communicate if you have any questions. Meanwhile, The Women of Apasas is still free to read on Kindle Unlimited and only $2.99 in ebook.

The next book in series, book 3 is titled "The Queens of Azar Kali"

Until next time,


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